2016 Haircolor trends

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Balayage technique:

The balayage name comes from balayager french word, what means sweaping. This perfectly describes the special highlight technique, cause the hairdresser put color on the hair sweeping- like movements. Between the normal highlight technique and the balayage is that the hairdresser do not use any foil, left to their own imagination color the hair locks one buy one. This way it can be perfectly natural result.  Balayage  shows perfect on long hair and also on middle long hair.

Sombre technique:

The sombre none other than the most sophisticated version of the ombre, which is truly a natural-looking hair with smooth transition. The sombre represent the naturalness,with only one or two shades lighter hair ends and we can achieved a really summer sun-bleached effect. The Sombre covers much softer lines, which can be entirely natural looking. The color transition feeling soft and sophisticated. At this technique we can lighter hair only 2-3 shade than the basic color. 

Écaille technique:

The essence of écaille technique that the hairdresser put shiny, gold-colored streaks in turn and put deep, caramel shades in the hair. The word means french tortoiseshell, cause tahnks to the special shades the result will be look like the thypical tortoiseshell pattern. The lighter and darker strips gives beautiful shine and makes depth to the hair. The basic color is also a darker color, on the ends we put lighter colors. This new technique gives a really elegant and perfect appearance thanks to the zigzag color.


Color techniqes Prices
Balayage, sombre, écaille haircolor short and middle long hair   /the price not includes wash, cut, blowdry/ 9.990Ft
Balayage, sombre, écaille haircolor long and extra long hair   /the price not includes wash, cut, blowdry/ 9.990Ft



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