Acne treatment

Acne treatment with IPL flash light

Acne is the most common disease;almost all people are concerned during their lives in some way.In case of acne skin, the sebum canals areclogged due to an excessive sebum production, the bacteria accumulate, and thusthey cause inflammation of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands.Acne is often inherently associated with oily skin types. Sebum being onthe skin surface, due to his shiny nature- without acne – is very annoying. Beside a variety of herbal formulasthe use of flash is also an effective local treatment option for skin with pimples and sebum overproduction.


The pulse light passes through the epithelium, absorbs into the melanin, which results local heat effect, the sebum production reduces, bacteria will be killed and the body’s local immune response will be improved.The well-known inflamed, painful acne regress and don’t form due to the treatment effect. Henceforth, serious acne scarringwidespread as a consequence of acne can be corrected by IPL. Within 1-2 days after treatment increased transient redness may occur.

Full cure acne has usually 6-8 treatments. It’s worth repeating 2 times a year.