Aesthetic permanent makeup

Aesthetic permanent makeup – interventions can be done

Most patients do not even think that there is solution to their aesthetic problem!

After an accident or surgery, the doctors do what they must, they save your live. However, traces remains. Its been beauty problem, the solution is aesthetic permanent makeup tattoo.

After breast surgery

Along the cut marks it can be made almost invisible. Even if its beauty or life-saver breast surgery, occassionally some scars remain after surgery. We can cover both the scars and cover the cuts around the nipples. If necessary we can make smaller or bigger the nipples. Also can re-created if there is any scarcity.

Masking of scars

An ugly scar caused by an accident or cutting could undermines your confidence. Especially confusing if its on the shin, face or decolletage. We allocated medical paint into the specified skin layer, with the best color we can tattoo the scar to skin color so its blends into its environment. With this the scars can be excellent fade, can be covered.

Pigmentation spots

Several diseases can cause skin lesions. Vitiligo is one of this. Vitiligo is a pigment imperfect disease, creates white spotted areas on the skin. People often think that this is infectious diseases, what makes the patients life difficult. If its on a prominent location on face, corner of the mouth its worth to pigmented to skin color, so the lesion also become invisible.

Before chemotherapy

After chemotherapy the patient could partially or completely lost hairs. Its very confusing especially on the face. Change drastically the appearance if eyebrows and eyelashes lost. The permanent makeup should be done before starting the chemotherapy, because after one or two chemotherapy its not recommended to make pigmentation.

Suitable for hair replacement

Of course the hair wont grow out after permanent makeup but this is not the role of pigmentation. The scalp pigmentation do not replaces the lost hair follicles. However its possible that the light color of scalp does not show through the rare hair.