Bangs or not bangs

Bangs can take years off a face and they bring attention to the eyes. They are flattering on all face shapes. The catch is finding the right bangs for your face shape. Your goal is to make your long or round or square or heart-shaped face appear as oval as possible.


Bangs for different face types:

Heart Face

Go for heavy or blunt bangs like Kerry Washington’s that go below the eyebrows covering most of the forehead and giving the illusion of an oval face, which accentuates the cheekbones.

Long Face

This face shape usually has a long forehead or jawline so try long, layered bangs that extend to the outer corners of the eyes

Oval Face

This is a very versatile face shape, so any kind of bangs look good: short, long, or side swept are all great options.

Round Face

Side swept bangs or middle swept are the best options because they give an oval effect, slimming the face and defining the cheekbones.

Square Face

Wispy, choppy bangs soften a square shape.

Who does not have bangs?

Who has tiny face, low forehead or even caotic curly hair with rotating hair.