Beauty advices for men

The demand for constantly looking good is no longer for women only.  Men have launched a frenzy for beauty.  Skin that is clean, youthful, and healthy and shows few signs of ageing is an invaluable tool for a man’s success in business and self-esteem.  Beauty products that once considered for women only are now being shared or have become unisex.
Men’s skin is thicker and oilier than women’s with larger pores.  The more clogged your pores are, the more likely you are to struggle with acne and ingrown hairs.
While many men have found the answer to their skin care needs by visiting the salon regularly, others find the long term efforts more healthy and beneficial and want to do away with the chance of ever again finding themselves glancing worriedly at their face.  This intensifying need to look good and feel great is what lays the foundation for body basics in skin care for men and protecting it becomes top priority-in league with daily showering and shampooing. 


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Since men have close to fifteen percent oilier skin than women, it is necessary for them to cleanse, tone and moisturize regularly to rid themselves of dirt, grime and environmental pollutants that can clog the skin and make it appear duller.
Sun protection through sensible, breathable clothing, sunglasses and use of an adequate SPF providing sunscreen is a very vital part of skin care for men and helps them look young and fresh.  Sunscreen also provides a barrier to the harsh rays of the sun that can damage and cause wrinkles on facial skin and prolonged sun exposure can lead to skin cancer.
Men with oily skin need to opt for a soap-free cleanser that will not irritate the skin into further eruptions and gently clean out the surface of the skin.  This should be followed by using an alcohol-free toner that will rejuvenate and cool the skin without disturbing the ph balance.


Since men have considerably rougher skin due to endless shaving and razor use, exfoliation is a must in their skin care regime, especially in warmer weather when revealing more skin.  Skin care for men include products like exfoliating scrubs, sea sponges and loofahs that are very effective for doing away with extra rough skin on the elbows, knees and heels.  However, the use of the same is not recommended for the face as scrubs can produce micro tears in the skin that can lead to uneven pigmentation upon sun exposure.

An ideal approach for skincare for men would include the use of a cleanser and/or moisturizer with an alpha-hydroxy acid, such as glycolic acid or lactic acid, which also exfoliate too and also improve the skin’s tone and texture.
A simple rule of thumb for most skin types of men would include the routine that follows Cleanse, Shave, Tone with Aftershave and Moisturizer.  For oily skin types, the moisturizer can be given a miss.  Those with heavy beards are advised to Cleanse, pre-shave, shave, tone, apply after shave then moisturize and evening routine would be to cleanse and moisturize.


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Weight problems could in case of sedentary, poor nutrition, accompanied lifestyle. This usually touches the stomach and the bottom. Other factors: hereditary factors, hormonal therapies, neurological condition, various metabolic disorders. If you have weight problems the best is cavitation fat burn, lipolaser or radio frequency body treatments combined with lymphatic massage. We can increases their effect with electroporation /mesotherapy/.

The other problem which comes from overweight is the chap. The facial muscles under the tongue started to sag, lose holding capacity and become flaccid. The reason could be genetic, metabolic and circulatory disorders. The result as metabolic slowdown toxins accumulate in fatty substances, as well as the skin layer fiber system is relieved, which forms the dewlap. The solution for this problem is mesotherapy or radio frequency.

Many men suffer from hair problems, the most disturbing parts of the body are: back, shoulders, armpits or neck. You can get rid of unwanted hair with IPL or laser hair removal technology.



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Men facial treatments:

Men’s skin is thicker, more resilient, usually darker color. Better tolerate sun, tanning, and the chemical harms, hot water and soaping. However, this should not be abused.

Its important to use the right cosmetic products and the right cosmetic treatments. Regular cleansing and delay the aging process. Men are looking for treatments wich are immediately and intensively act and rejuvenating. Gives nice touch and provide excellent comfort. Regulate the sebaceous glands so the faces oily luster stops.

Cleansing, vitalizing facial: the target is to remove the blackheads and the dry skin. The faces skin moisturising and improve blood circulation. Especially suitable for ages 15-30.

Contents: cleansing skin, microdermabrasion- skin peel, removing blackheads, moisturising with massage.

Price: 13.000Ft

Treatment taking: 70min

Successful man treatment: the target is to uploading skin, reduce surface wrinkles, dull tired skin boosting. Especially suitable for ages 30-40.

Contents: cleansing skin, microdermabrasion- skin peel, mesotherapy -hyaluronacid upload or radio frequency, massage, oxigen infusion

Price: 18.000Ft

Treatment taking: 90min

Exclusive man treatment : Reduces the signs of time. It slows down the aging process. Especially suitable for ages 40+.

Contents: cleansing skin, microdermabrasion- skin peel, removing blackheads, Image O2 lift, eyes care with mesotherapy, massage.

Price: 25.000Ft

Treatment taking: 120min

Rosacea, red skin treatment: the target is to disappearance the redness of the nose and cheeks. To soothing the skin. Treated with flashing lights- IPL  and soothing mask.

 Contents: skin cleansing, IPL treatment, skin soothing

Price: 6.800Ft

Treatment taking: 35min



Men body treatments:

Male and female. In general,they want always something else. However, if its about body shape in generally the same problem.Worked out the overweight, detoxify the body, tight muscles and achieve a flat abdomen.

Dewlap treatment: the target is to tightening the skin under the chin and the neck, remove the fat. We eliminated it with mesotherapy and radio frequency.

Price: 10.000Ft

Treatment taking: 40min.


Stomach combinated treatment: the target is to reduce the size of abdomen and abdominal part. . In some areas it is very difficult to get rid of extra kgs. The aim of treatment is local belly fat breakdown, increasing circulation.

Contents: cavitation treatment, laser lipolysis, vakkum lipomassage

Price: 17.000Ft

Treatment taking: 70min


Waist combinated treatment: the target is to reduce the size of waistband. The results of the modern diet of excess deposits around the waist. With single sport it is difficult to get rid of it. Contents: cavitation lipolysis, radio frequency, lymphatic massage

Price: 15.000Ft

Treatment taking: 60min


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Men hair removal:

Before men hair was the subject of manly pride, now hairless chest is the fashion, so many people want to get rid of the masculine hairs. Whether IPL or laser hair removal or traditional wax we are waiting for our dear men guests. Permanent hair removals are advisable in packages. Its effective around after 5-10 treatments.



 Laser prices

Between eyebrows 4.190Ft
Armpits 11.000Ft
Fore arms 14.900Ft
Upper arms 13.900Ft
Full arms 24.900Ft
Shins 27.000Ft
Thighs 27.000Ft
Full legs 49.900Ft
Chest 24.900Ft
Stomach 22.900Ft
Belly line 9.500Ft
Around nipples 7.490Ft
Shoulders 16.000Ft
Back 29.000Ft