Black pearl treatment

Revolutionary detoxifying treatment that helps cleaning the skin of impurities deposits with sterile active plant carbon!

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Superdetox treatment, innovation in detoxification!

Superdetox treatment is a revolutionary detoxifying treatment that helps cleaning the skin of impurities deposits with sterile active plant carbon!

Harmful substances (fine particulate matter, smog, smoke) arising from environmental contamination, unfortunately, can not be removed with simple face wash and it could deposited in the deeper layers of skin tissue what can cause serious damages

The super detox treatment brings a real revolution in everyday cleansing. Suitable for all skin types, especially recommended to the full of toxins, gray, oxygen and energy deficient, thickened, dehydrated skin.

Both excellent female and male skin daily cleaning: thick, oily skin, acne, eczema or psoriasis in case.

The super detox treatment is not a soap. Unlike the facial soaps Superdetox Treatment pH compatible with skin’s own pH value, instead of using a shower gel . Synergistically works by combining a balanced active ingredient mix (strong concentrate of natural ingredients) that fight against skin aging and restore the skin’s natural, vibrant glow.

Strong detoxifying effect thanks to the burdock, lavender, dandelion, plantain, poppy, a perfect mix of pink and artichoke regulates sebum production, soothes and softens tired skin, efficiently cleans deeper layers of the epidermis.
It containes high heavily moisturizing extra virgin olive oil so its highly moisturizing and inhibits the formation of inflammation.

The Super Detox Treatment products are hand-made in Switzerland, at MAVEX laboratory, for you to guarantee outstanding quality, efficiency, and long-term preserved, spectacular results.


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