Combined body treatment special

Perfect body - innovative body shaping, what you dreamed about!

Women are ready for everything to lead a few pounds, to be  slimmer or prettier. Surely you have been confronted that your favorite skirt, which last year were a dashing, suddenly prove to be too small. Perhaps a kind friend also notes:- Only one thing you desire, to disappear…

And then what follows? Calorie counting, fitness , morning run, abstinence, excruciating hunger- These are not alien concepts for you, right?

What would you say if there is an effective, much more pleasant way of body shaping?

How about if you could achieve visible results quickly, and appreciative gazes follow you on the street?

Innovation in body shaping

Every women able to identify with the above problems. All of us know the little cheeky cushions, inability to get rid of them. It WAS impossible, until now!

In XXI. century the special combinated body treatment is now available (not just for the hollywood stars) , which will help solve problems caused by the extra pounds!


Combinated ultrasonic lipolysis, lipomassage and lymphatic 3 time treatment, which brings visible results in a very short time! Reduce your hip and waist size, skin becomes smoother and the skin tone will restore – and cellulite? It may even disappear!

The treatment effective is at the special, innovative technology. Because we treated by this method the deeper layer tissues of the skin and not just the surface! As a result, it accelerates cell metabolism, increase blood circulation, lymphatic drainage will be optimal, reduces water retention, increasing fat burning.

The secret is that  the body’s own regeneration processes are activated, so the weight loss naturally happens, fast and spectacular; the result can be preserved for a  long time!

The treatment "side effects"

You ask what side effects should I prepare for? For example, the  deeper layers tissue become more stronger due to the lipolysis treatment, it dissolves accumulated tensions in muscles, so if you have struggled with joint pain – it will be alleviated:)Not too bad side effect, right? You shouldnt prepare for negative side effects!

3 time combinated body treatment with fat breakdown, body toning and lymphatic


NOW ONLY 29.900Ft.

We recommended for everybody this combinated body treatment, A kombinált testformáló kezelést ajánljuk tehát mindenkinek, alone, next to diet or next to trainiong! Now encore bonus for the first 10 guests! We give free 3 time body wrapping, so the toning will be even more effective!

Go away from front of the mirror, let your shirt off your waist, do not measure yourself, come to us and you will be surprised the quick and visible changes!

And what else surprises we are preparing for you?

If you choose two body part from laser body shaping or laser hair removal package, you'll get the cheapest price for free!

Waiting for you at my Salon!

Adam Perenyi
owner and silver crown master hairdresser