Electro cosmetic treatments for half price

Connect pleasure with useful!

Now worth it to color your hair at Perenyi salon! Under hair color with 50% discount you can try any electro cosmetic face and body treatments.

You dont have to wait 30-50 min and doing nothing. Sure you will found the best treatment for yourself!

Our treatments with 50% discount:

Skin peeling- microdermabrasion: 7.600ft now only 3.800Ft

Skin upload- mesotherapy: 10.900Ft now only 5.450Ft

Oxigen infusion:6.990Ft now only 3.495Ft

Face firming- radio frequency: 10.000Ft now only 5.000Ft

Lipolyzis- cavitation ultrasound: 10.000Ft now only 5.000Ft

Body shaping- lipolaser: 15.000Ft now only 7.500Ft

Anti-cellulite- vakuum lipomassage: 6.000Ft now only 3.000Ft

Body toning- radio frequency: 10.000Ft now only 5.000Ft

Laser bikini hair removal: 11.000Ft now only 5.500Ft

Laser under arm hair removal: 14.900Ft now only 7.450Ft