Forever ganoderma botox effect treatment

Mavex’s research in Switzerland brings you FOREVER, the world’s first professional face treatment with GANODERMA EXTRACT, a very particular fungus used for more than 4,000 years in Oriental medicine for its extraordinary medical properties.

This wonderful natural product, for thousands of years considered the secret of longevity and youth, has been the subject of serious university studies that have demonstrated, through scientific tests, how effectively it helps to slow down skin ageing.

The efficacy studies carried out on a significant number of subjects have shown that the GANODERMA extract possesses extraordinary anti-ageing properties:

Evident effects on cell renewal and on the reduction of wrinkle depth
-Increases skin hydration and tone
-Possesses important anti-oxidant properties, indispensable to fight ageing caused by time and exposure to sunlight
-Stimulates collagen synthesis

The products of the FOREVER line use only precious vegetable active principles and new-generation phytocosmetic complexes, the result of the most advanced Swiss research and of avant-garde production technologies.


Forever ganoderma

Their particularly pure formulas and the absence of chemical components make them particularly suitable for and compatible with all skin types.

They are characterised by velvety textures and very pleasant fragrances; they penetrate the skin without leaving it greasy and offer intense sensual emotions.

FOREVER treatment phases

1. CLEANSING: 2-in-1 cleansing milk.
With an extraordinarily fluid and creamy texture, it cleanses and tones in a single gesture. Effectively removes impurities and residues of make-up, making tired, dull skin look more luminous. Deeply purifies and protects the skin against smog and dirt particles, thanks to the plant extract of Moringa oleifera. Babassu oil, with its extraordinary moisturising and softening properties, soothes even the driest skin, improving its elasticity. Thanks to the high contents of vitamins and minerals of jojoba oil, it deeply protects and moisturises, leaving your skin soft and silky. Rich in Ganoderma extract, it fights skin ageing and stimulates cell turnover. Its fluid and velvety texture maintains proper skin nourishment and hydration.


Alpha- and beta-hydroxy acid peelings derived from fruits and plants, particular indicated for mature, dull and senescent skins. Extraordinarily effective exfoliating, keratolytic and bio-stimulating properties. Formulated with a particular balanced mix of 7 acids: mandelic, glycolic, citric, lactic, salicylic, malic and tartaric. Stimulates fibroblasts into producing collagen and elastin, and promotes cell renewal. Eliminates keratin plugs, clearing pores from sebum and thereby preparing the skin to absorb the active principles contained in the successive phases of the treatment. Rich in Ganoderma extracts, it fights skin ageing and stimulates cell turnover. The result is visible immediately: the skin looks more luminous, hydrated, compact and revitalised.


A veritable anti-ageing elixir made of ultra-pure hyaluronic acid, which has a double filler-lifting effect: refills and stretches expression marks with immediately visible effects, stimulates collagen synthesis and keeps the skin toned, hydrated and luminous. Rich with Ganoderma extract, it fights skin ageing and stimulates cell turnover. Extracts of Ruscus, Centella asiatica, horse-chestnut, marigold and liquorice are extraordinarily effective, protecting and improving the aspect of sensitive skins and of skins with rosacea. Results are immediately visible: the skin is nourished by the precious natural active principles and acquires new luminosity and a delicate, silky softness.


Innovative moisturising-soothing mask containing brown algae alginate. Creates a perfect occlusive film, moisturising and conveying the active products deeply to the skin. Brown algae help fight elasticity loss and stimulates the synthesis of new collagen. Deeply purge and drain excess water, giving your skin an evident elasticising and toning effect. The high contents of precious minerals (zinc, calcium, copper, iron) repair and revitalise, reinforcing skin structure, giving its tone back and preventing wrinkle formation. The Ganoderma extract fights skin ageing and stimulates cell turnover. Suitable for all skin types, in particular mature skins, which immediately look more luminous and glowing.



A modern 24-hour cream formulated with the innovative active principle Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, a molecule with a powerful effect similar to that of botulin: it reduces the tonic contraction of face muscles, effectively flattening expression wrinkles. The high percentage of Ganoderma extract fights skin ageing and stimulates cell turnover. Pure hyaluronic acid stimulates cellular functionality and donates compactness and luminosity to your skin, with an evident filler-lifting effect. Apple stem cells stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, flattening wrinkles and preserving skin vitality, delaying its ageing. Argan oil deeply nourishes the skin, leaving it with a wonderful sensation of softness. This extraordinary cream immediately returns your face to its naturally luminous, fresh and elastic state.

Forever ganoderma botox effect treatment price: 

Area Price
Full face                                      24.900Ft     NOW ONLY 18.800Ft