Modern hair coloring is a chemical process that either adds or removes pigments from the hair itself. Unlike the powders and rinses of centuries ago, today’s hair color can penetrate the shaft of the hair and can take you from blonde to black and virtually any shade in between.

Your hair gets its color from a substance called melanin, found in the cortex of the hair (the part of the hair shaft between the outer layer, or cuticle, and the core of the shaft, the medulla). Melanin comes in two varieties, eumelanin (which is responsible for brown and black colors) and pheomelanin (which is responsible for red and blonde shades). Hair can have either of these types of melanin, or none at all – in the case of gray hair.

Permanent hair color generally contains ammonia and must be mixed with a developer or oxidizing agent in order to permanently change hair color. Ammonia, in permanent hair color is used to open the cuticle layer so that the developer and color molecules together penetrate into the cortex. The developer or oxidizing agent, comes in various volumes. The higher the developer volume, the higher the lift will be of a person’s natural hair pigment. Someone with dark hair wishing to achieve two or three shades lighter may need a higher developer, whereas someone with lighter hair wishing to achieve darker hair will not need a high developer. Timing may vary with permanent hair coloring but is typically 30 minutes or 45 minutes for those wishing to achieve maximum gray coverage.

Haircolor misbeliefs

Regular hair coloring does not damage the hair follicles.

The hair dye products are the most strictly controlled in cosmetic industry.

Haircolor does not spit out from hair, only if its growing down.

Colored hair could not be lightened with haircolor.

After natural hair dye should not be applied to synthetic haircolor and vice versa.

During pregnancy hair coloring has no effect on the baby’s development.

The none permanent haircolors do not cover the gray hair.

Haircolor we use at Perenyi Salon

The TRINITY COLOR VOGUE contain coconut oil and milk proteins that replace the protein in the hair. They do not contain any perfumes or other scents that could cause allergies. Be one of the first who uses the Swiss miracle!


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