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In our hairdressing there are more category hairdressers, hair technicians or students working. We are always updated with the newest trends, technics or styles. The first viewpoint is to preserve the health of the hair. So we use the highest quality, we gives advices about home care. We never do anything with the hair what hurts the hair.

Making hairstyles

We dont do thipical hairstyles. The guests usually dont ask for Jennifer Aniston hairstyle. The hairdresser mission is not just to cut the hair, but to create their own style. Naturally you can ask for any hairstyles you want, cause we do everything. BUT our goal is uniqueness. This also concern to the colors and highlight technics. If we color hair we always using min. 3 colors so the color will be unique. The hairdressers create individuality with consistency and harmony.


Its very important that our guest expertly cultivate their hair at home also. We gives advices for everybody, which products are the best for her hair and how she can make her hairstyle at home. The guest often dont use the right product at home so we couldnt get the most out. At our salon all the product we use, could also purchasable.

Casual, wedding hairs

We make wedding and casual hairstyles. We make any idea. It is possible we make trial wedding and casual hairstyles before the big day.

Events, hair shows

Regularly we make hairs on fashion shows, events. In Hungary every year we are participate on leading beauty exhibitions. We make full programs: hair, makeup and fashion shows also undertake redevelopment.