Laser hair removal specials

2016 star: permanent hair removal

Its not easy to be a women! Many minor- bigger pitfalls. But one thing is sure: fluffy legs and ampit hair walked out of fashion about 40 years ago. So we MUST get rid of hair!

So far how did you depilated?

Irritated the skin’s surface, require constant exchange, its circumstantial and we have to do it every day. But its painless and fast. Girls do it, you can find excellent razors in the drug stores and if you have patience and time to do it every day, then it’s a good solution.

Applicator, oil, wiper strips….Lot of preparation if we do at home and also if entrust to a beautician. We have to wait till the hair grows out. Its really painful but we dont have to make it often.

Its truly painful and if your skin is sensitive little red spots will be everywhere. The advantage is that you can use it any time if your hair is big enough. But its loud, painful and have to repeat the procedure every 2 month.

In 2016 all this methods are obsolete, because all this have disadvantages…

But then what kind of solution we choose, which...

Really permanent, for long time

Modern and safe, no side effects

Dont have to repeat, again and again

Less painful

Let us introduce you 2016 star:

laser hair removal which perfectly meets all the above criteria!

What do you have to know about it?

The first of all: really permanent and outcome is for long time. So you can throw away your razor and you can pack up your epilator and wax.

This is the most modern and safe technology. If the right expert do it there are no side effects and ther is very little discomfort feeling under the process.

The Perenyi team beauticians are waiting for you for a free consultation where they tell you everything about laser hair removal.

How does it work?

Thanks to the revolutionary laser freezer head technology we can feel minimal pain. Under the process the surrounding tissues are not damaged cause of the thermo-relaxation. You will only have a little erythema nothing else. During the laser hair removal the growing phase follicles are destroyed by the heat – why is it good for you? You dont have to wait till your hair grows big, its enough if your hair are few days long.

How many times it needs for the required result?

All of us are different, the answer is depends on our age, our way of life, our skin type, hair color. Usually 7-12 time is enough for the perfect result.

How much does it cost?

 Special offers right now:

3 times bikini or armpits laser hair removal: 33.000Ft now only 19.990Ft

3 times shins or thighs laser hair removal: 81.000Ft now only 54.900Ft

3 times intimate area laser hair removal: 89.700Ft now only 59.990Ft



So? Do you still want to bother with your razor or to survive the epilator every 2 month or to wait at the beautician?

Forget for long -long time the hair removal issue! Be ready for a date, anywhere, anytime!

Iam waiting for you at my Salon!

Adam Perenyi
owner and silvercrown master hairdresser