Diamondhead skingrinding-when your skin is renewed …

You are tired..your are looking in the mirrorand some old face is looking back sadly ..

it’s not you … or is it?


 What is Microdermabrasion?

It’s a treatment procedure compound from words dermis, as skin and abrasion, as grinding, which means a kind of special deep-peeling on the skin.The skin peeling happens in deeper layers, is designed to force the skin to regenerate and establish a homogeny, more beautiful, healthier skinimage … and if we have already wrinkles also, we minimize them, make the scars less visible, weremove skin spots caused by the sun …

On which treatment areas is Microdermabrasion recommended to use?

• Normal skin – cooling
• Problematic Skin –sebum balancing
• Scarred skin – fine-tuning
• Pigment in Blotchy skin – paling

What is the procedure?

According to the procedure we remove by grinding the upper epidermis, which normally would not be able to lift off the top layer of skin. Thus the process of horn formation starts, which starting from the lowest layer of the skin is pushed upwards, sowe can develop a fresh, homogeneous, with intact skin surface.

The mechanical treatment eliminates your physical defects,minor wrinkles, small pigment spots on the skin surface, without any drastic measures on your skin!


How does microdermabrasion work?

This cosmetic procedure is done mechanically, or its conductor. This is a manual head with a diamond coating, in contact with skin it has a vacuum effect, with the result that lightens the dead skin cells of theskin and afterother treatments they will be eliminated.During the treatment you don’t feel any unpleasant side effects, maximum a slight stretching of your skin.

Before the treatment we perform skin diagnostics, properly clean your skin from surface dirt, makeup debris, then thoroughly drying your epidermis we start grinding. It takes only some minutes; we prepare your skin horizontal and transverse directions also, with particular attention to the small micro-wrinkles.
After grinding we tone your skin, we apply proper nutritional care pack, then we protect it with a cream appropriate to your skin type. (The cream always contains SPF 50 sun protection factor).

Its effect is the best during a cure, 1x fortnight after using 5-6 times you will really feel the effect and your skin will be fresh and without wrinkles during a log period.


Which one shall I choose?

The advantage of Microdermabrasion of Diamond head is compared with the previously used version withcrystalline powder that while crystalline powder originates from uncontrollable, non-sterile environments and the Diamond Head is always replaced against infection, so is safer to use.It allows smoother grinding, not to mention the unpleasant feeling when some crystalline powder contact with your eyes… the diamond-head technique has never such errors.


When can microdermabrasion procedure be applied?
In practice, in the less “shiny” seasons, spring, autumn and in early autumn – winter should start the treatment, and have to attention to use the proper sunscreen cream, because this is the only way to successful treatment.

Microdermabrasion prices:



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