Ozone-ionic processor – an unearthly experience for mortals

What do you see when you look at the ozone ionic processor? Colorful UFO-like object, which on your head you’ll look like an alien. But once you get into, rather than to start talking a strange language, something really wonderful happens. Your hair gets renewed strength: brighter, smoother and softer than ever, in addition to all of this takes really speed!

Master generates steam combined with ozone to encourage the opening up of hair’s outer scales and facilitate deep down, leaving a positive effect on the scalp.

The steam generation stops (this is the resting time),the ozone works in harmony with the other elements, accelerating the natural closing of the hairs outer scales and fixing the results evenly. It has 24 pre-programmed settings including: Colour, Toning, Stripping, Straightening, Conditioning treatment.


-Standard colouring time- 30/40 minutes

– iMaster- saves you time- 8 mins + 3 minutes

The i Master also encourages the following:

   Opens pores

   Removes dead cells

   Improves circulation

   Cleanses deep down

   Increases shine, elasticity, and hydration

   Reduces stress

   Long lasting treatment

   Longer lasting results



Ozone-ionic processor


Ozone-ionic processor prices:

Next to haircolor: +3.000Ft   NOW ONLY 1.500Ft

Scalp treatment: +2.000Ft   NOW ONLY 1.000Ft

Hair treatment: +2.000Ft   NOW ONLY 1.000Ft