Permanent makeup tattoo

How to make permanent makeup tattoo:


Before permanent makeup is important to get know the guest, how she do her makeup, her individuality. What‘s her ideas and her needs. There are no templates at permanent makeup, we should adapted it to the full face and the guest individuality. S

Choose color

From the selected color we put some on the guests face. So we can see that the specific shade is in harmony with the guests skin and hair color and  facial structure. There are a lot of color pigment for the best shade.


If the shade is perfect we clean and disinfect the area, then scribing the tattoo line. The scribing could take more time cause we want to reach the best result. We start the tattoo only if the scribing is perfect.


tetoválás készítése


We use special surface anesthetic so the tattoo is truly painless, and may not be noticeable unpleasant.

Permanent makeup tattoo

While tattoo exacty following the pre-drawn shape. Under the tattoo constantly numb the area so its not that painful.

After treatment

After making the tattoo the skin become red and swollen up. The homecare is very important. Its really affect the permanent makeup quality.

  • after permanent makeup min. 2 weeks dont go to solarium or should not tan.

  • Try not to touch the water, avoid the swimming pool, sauna, spa use

  • dont scrape or rub the area.

After the tattoo it beacome a little bit darker than the definitive color.


  • The correction is not the same like spoiled permanent makeup repair.

  • If our permanent makeup is ready after 3-4 weeks could be a possible the correction.

  • Correction is important cause after 1 month the pigments start to become lighter, this time can be performed any color upgrade or replacement pigment. Also this time can modify, thicken the final lines, contours.

  • If you miss the correction your permanent makeup lifetime  will be shorter.