Pigment spots treatment

Pigment spots treatment with IPL flash light

Benign liver spots,pigment spots may occur after a variety of inflammatory disorders of the skin, with the progressive age or due to other genetic or hormonal reasons. Wrong habits in skin care may play a role in their development, but to a large extent the solar radiation in the UV region is responsible for their apparition. In fact, the skin pigment material, melanin accumulates in a surface at higher concentrations, formsbrown spots (liver spots).

The treatment is based on that the light is selectively absorbed by melanin, disrupts its structure, and the white blood cells clear the disintegrated particles away. For benign pigments pots treatment, chilled, clear gel (e.g., ultrasound gel) is applied to the treatment area in order to reduce any discomfort, which may occurduring treatment.

This gel, can further reduce the possibility of pain during treatment, and ensure the optimal and ideal relationship of the controls, so that of the light and the skin.


Before a pigment spot treatment a so-called low energy test shot is used near the surface to be treated, in favour of maximum efficiency andminimum irritation.In the surface coated with gel, the skin is covered with adjacent light pulses with the help of the luminaire, with minimal overlap.

After liver spot treatment typically reddening occurs next to thepigmented spots.

Their appearance can last for 2-3 minutes and typically displays localized heating of the selected target. It’s common in case of the treated pigment spots to darken 2-3 days after treatment, resulting in slight peeling. The skin will be red after the peeling and in 10-14 days get its ambient condition. The treatment must be carried out several times on the desired surface, to achieve results. The treatments can be repeated every 4-5 weeks