Rejuvenation, anti-aging


Rejuvenation, removing wrinkles


Over the years, the fibre content of the skin tissue and the cells tension decrease. The sebum production slows down, so a lack of fat is formed, which is followed by a lack of water. Skin wrinkles become deep and new grooves form. During the mechanical treatments we introduce skin corresponding anti-aging and active antioxidants substances of medical sterility into the skin deep layers, where they penetrate directly into the cells (as opposed to the “outdated” techniques, such as ultrasound, where the active ingredient gets into the space between the cells, and it will be absorbed by the cells or not).

Most enhancing factors :

-sun bathing, solarium


stressful lifestyle

-not enough sleep



Rejuvenation treatments:

Radio frequency: uses electrical energy to heat the deep layers of the skin, whilst protecting the outer layer. Heating in this area, without damaging the outer layers of skin, causes microscopic changes to the tissues and collagen contraction, with subsequent collagen remodelling over the months that pass.

Price for face: 10.000Ft

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The mesoterapy treatment is based on a Nobel Prize technology where during electroporation and magnetic waves the cell membranes are opened in such a way that the cell surface has an electrical charge and when this charge changes the channels of water-based materials will open to gain access to the active substances. The result is guaranteed!

Price for face: 10.900Ft

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The microdermabrasion promotes the absorption capacity of active substances of the skin since the dead horny cells of the epidermis disappear. Of course, we have excellent, anti-aging and rejuvenating agents in our manual treatments also; special ultrasound and serum promote the success of our treatment.

Price for face: 7.600Ft

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IPL rejuvenation can also be an excellent complement to treatments, where due to the effect of the light energy the production of collagen in the skin increases, thereby the depth of wrinkles reduces, and the skin becomes firmer and younger. The collagen, which is responsible for enhancing the skin, as a result of its increased synthesis has an anti-wrinkle effect and slows down the aging process.


Image peel: Peeling the skin helps its gradual recreation. At the normal keratiziation process the skin becomes renewed in 28 days. By higher age this process
slows down, so that the pigment marks, moles, scars, wrinkles, extent skin changes and other skin disorders become more visible. Fruit acid does not only make beneficial changes in the surface layers of the skin, but also in the deeper layers under, or in the dermis.

Price for face: 19.900Ft

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We combined rejuvenation treatments for the best result.

Combined treatments are cheaper!


Shining skin

Anti aging

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Lifting star

Oxigen bomb

Premium treat



Image O2 Lift

Oxigen infusion



Full face







Face, neck, deco







Around eyes








 More treatment options:

Dermaroller 6.990Ft
Basic cleansing facial 4.800Ft
Big facial 8.800Ft