Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes redness in your face and often produces small, red, pus-filled bumps. Although rosacea can occur in anyone, it most commonly affects middle-aged women who have fair skin. Untreated, rosacea tends to worsen over time. Rosacea signs and symptoms may flare up for a period of weeks to months and then diminish before flaring up again. Rosacea can be mistaken for acne, an allergic reaction or other skin problems.


What causes rosacea?

Experts are not sure what causes rosacea. They know that something irritates the skin, but rosacea doesn’t seem to be an infection caused by bacteria. It tends to affect people who have fair skin or blush easily, and it seems to run in families.

Rosacea is not caused by alcohol abuse, as people thought in the past. But in people who have rosacea, drinking alcohol may cause symptoms to get worse (flare).

Rosacea often flares when something causes the blood vessels in the face to expand, which causes redness. Things that cause a flare-up are called triggers. Common triggers are excercises sun and wind exposure, hot weather, stress, spicy foods, alcohol, and hot baths. Swings in temperature from hot to cold or cold to hot can also cause a flare-up of rosacea.

  • eating spicy foods

  • drinking alcoholic beverages

  • having the intestinal bacteria Helicobacter pylori

  • a skin mite called demodex and the bacterium Bacillus oleronius it carries

  • the presence of cathelicidin (a protein that protects the skin from infection)


Rosacea kezelése

People with rosacea may have:

  • A flushed, red face with sensitive, dry skin that may burn or sting.

  • Small bumps and pimples or acne-like breakouts.

  • Skin that gets coarser and thicker, with a bumpy texture.

  • Dry, red, irritated eyes.

Rosacea types:

There are four subtypes of rosacea. Each subtype has its own set of symptoms. It is possible for an individual to have more than one subtype of rosacea at a time.

I.Subtype one: this is rosacea initial symptoms.Starting with redness int he middle part of the face. At the beginning its transient.May feel warmth.

II.Subtype two known as erythematotelangiectatic rosacea (ETR), is associated with facial redness, flushing, and visible blood vessels.

III.Subtype three, papulopustular (or acne) rosacea, is associated with acne-like breakouts and often affects middle-aged women.

IV.Subtype four, known as rhinophyma, is a rare form that is associated with thickening of the skin of your nose. It usually affects men and is often accompanied by another subtype of rosacea.

rosacea stádiumai

Rosacea treatment

While there’s no cure for rosacea, treatments can control and reduce the signs and symptoms. First you must go to see a dermatologyst to see which stadium you have. A growing range of therapies are available to address rosaea’s signs and symptoms.


Possible cosmetical treatments for rosacea:


IPL- flash light therapy: The flash energy is absorbed by the capillaries and there transforming into heat destroys the inner wall of the capillary, whereupon the capillary will be compressed, blocked and later absorbed. Before starting treatment, we use a so-called low-energy test shot near the area to be treated.

Mild redness is normal after treatment. Immediately after the treatment the vessel is pale or has purple-greycolour, which indicates the selective absorption of the incoming light into the vascular network. After 10-14 days, the blood vessels are partially or completely cured. Additional treatment may be necessary for complete spot removal.

A repeated treatment is allowed to make in the same treatment area only at 5-6 week intervals.

The treatment price: 6.800Ft


IMAGE peel: This peeling process is the natural recreation process, which is so fine and slow that we hardly recognise it. Peeling the skin helps its gradual recreation. At the normal keratiziation process the skin becomes renewed in 28 days. By higher age this process slows down. Fruit acid does not only make beneficial changes in the surface layers of the skin, but also in the deeper layers under, or in the dermis.

The treatment price: 19.990Ft


IMAGE home care: if you have rosacea you should use special home care products. Symptoms could be much worse if you dont use these. IMAGE skincare system have special products for sensitive, red, rosacea skin.