Sunday we are open

Perenyi Salon is waiting for you on Sunday also!

The everydays pass with working, shopping and rushing? You have to take care about the children: school, kindergarden, special programs? A hétköznapok munkával, vásárlással, rohanással telnek? You cant even think about to go to hairdresser or to beautician?

Good news Perenyi salon is open on every Sunday!!


Why spend a Sunday at the Perényi Salon?

On Sunday the other hairdressers are rest, only quick hair cutting salons are open.
On Sunday there are no crowds, so there is more time to take care of you.
On Sunday you do not have to deal with your job, because you did it all week.
On Sunday, your partner is at home and can take care of the kiddies!
Sunday parking is free in front of the Perényi Salon!

Book appointment, come to us on Sundays, and we guarantee that the next Monday morning you will wake up brighter as a new external power gives you confidence!