Special treatments before wedding

We have made special packages with which the result will surely be perfect!


6 – 24 weeks before the wedding: 

For the first the time interval might seem long, but it is not if someone starts figure-shapeing, complete skin repairing or only wants to put the hydratation, nutrition right. Usually the figure-shapeing is the first step since that take the most time. It is impossible to work wonders withing moments, since the layers of fat did not appear on us within a couple of weeks.

Our slimming and beautifying treatment is the ultasonic cavitation fat solving, radio frequency body shaping,lipolaser, vakuum lipomassage. For the best result we combine this treatments personally.

The next step: adopting some special diet. The helpers of a diet can be different cosmetical treatments to ensure that you can keep the tightness and elasticity of your skin and get rid of the ugly cellulitis from your thighs and upper arm. The recommended completion are manual cellulite massage and body wrapping as well.

The second step is the preparation of our skin: as far as there is no certain problem with our skin but we still would like to look shiny, tighter and fresher on the wedding, the best we can do is a treatment of six occasions with three steps.



1.Mini package

6 time microdermabrasion with facial massage

the face massage is FREE NOW

66600Ft now its only 45600Ft   /152 Euro/

2.Midi package

6 time microdermabrasion, mesotherapy with face massage

the microdernabrasion is FREE NOW

162600Ft now its only 117000Ft   /390 Euro

3.Maxi package

6 time microdermabrasion, mesotherapy, O2 lift treatment with face massage

the mesotherapy is FREE NOW

258600Ft now its only 162600Ft   /540 Euro/


Special packages we offer:

-6 time Image medical peeling: now 2 occasion is free!

  149.940Ft now its only  99.960Ft.   /330 Euro/

-6 time microdermabrasion:  now 2 occasion is free!

  45.600Ft now its only 30.400Ft.   /100 Euro/

-6 time O2 lift treatment:   now 2 occasion is free! 

  96.000Ft now its only 64.000Ft.   /210 Euro/

-6 time mesotherapy with hialuronic acid and stem cells: now 2 occasion is free!

  96.000Ft now its only 64.000Ft.   /210 Euro/

1-2 weeks before the wedding:

As long as your skin is not too problematic this is a good occasion for a great treatment (facial cleaning), to remove blackheads and spots thoroughly. If you would like browner skin, go to the solarium for the last time before the wedding, because it dries the skin. It is ideal to arrange the appointment for the make-up rehearsal and the epilation for that day. (Last one week)


On or twow days before the wedding: 

Mosturizing treatment! Painting eyelashes and eyebrows. Body scrubbing combined with massage is a very good idea at that time, since it really matters what looks out of the dress. The nursing of your skin at home during the treatments is very important, because without that our work would be as effective as a dental treatment without brushing your teeth. 🙂 Certainly these are just directives and we will find individual solutions for your individual skin problem.


SOS beauty lifting facials:

-Radio frequency and massage: 13.500Ft

-Microdermabrasion, Image O2 Lift, oxigen infusion, massage: 24.990Ft

-Microdermabrasion, Image O2 Lift, mesotherapy, massage: 29.990Ft


Expression treatments on the big day:

Eye mesotherapy:  8500Ft-tól   /from 28 Euro/

O2 lift treatment and makeup: 16.000Ft + 18.000Ft   /53 Euro + 60 Euro/




Usually a series of six, eight or ten occasions are recommended for beautifying, mosturizing or slimming procedures.


What belongs to a complete cosmetical wedding preparation?

– Hydrating face treatments according to skin condition

– Epilation

– Body treatments

In case of belly probleems: 

ten weeks before the wedding.

Cavitation figure-shaping, radio frequency body shaping,lipolaser, vakuum lipomassage. discussion of the diet, machine treatments two time a week for twenty minutes.

Preparation of the facial skin by microdermabrasion, peeling on demand, O2 treatment, since besides that men’s skin is fattier,

it is also dryer because of the use of after shaves containing alcohol.

In case of the groom at least two cleaning facial treatments are recommended. If we have to deal with blonde eyelashes, it makes sense to color them, since that looks far better on the pictures.

On the big day treatment:

O2 lifting treatment