Ultrasonic cavitation fat reduction

If you want to have fast and efficient fat breakdown choose the ultrasonic cavitation treatment.

It can be a solution for you too!


What is cavitation?

Cavitation is a physical phenomenon in which the corresponding changes in atmospheric pressure create bubbles in the fluids. Due to effects of the energy of ultrasound equipment large amounts of micro-bubbles are formed inside the fat cells. The partial pressure changes cause the bubbles to burst, and the shock waves reinforcing one another stretch membrane of fat cells. The integrated triglycerides melt down in the intercellular space from where leave in the urine through the lymphatic system and the venous circulation. During the cavitation treatment 2-3 cm fat “can occasionally dissolve” from „stubborn” excess fat accumulated and deposited on the abdomen, hips, thighs, jodhpurs, buttocks or upper arm area, but the therapy is most effective if you consume each day at least 3-4 liters of fluid, facilitating the departure of fat breakdown.


The cavitation is indicated for:  

       – Local fat deposits
       – Cellulite
       – Body-Sculpture
       – Localized fat deposits,
       – Firming


When such treatment can’t be done:

During pregnancy and lactation
Circulatory disorders, implanted pacemakers, heart rhythm disorders.
Acute and severe cardiovascular problems (e.g., increased capillary fragility, inflamed varicose veins, etc.)
Acute deep venous thrombosis (typically one limb is heavily swollen).
Pulmonary embolism in the past year.
Acute skin problems (ulcers, wounds, unknown and undiagnosed lumps on the skin).
Infectious diseases (hepatitis, AIDS, etc.)
Undiagnosed origin fever, poor general condition status.
If treated area is concerned by an implant or prosthesis.


Frequency and duration of treatment:

A body region can be treated once a week from 20 to 30 minutes during a treatment by cavitation fat breakdown. An intervention of longer-term can be stressful for the body as emptying of fats and other waste products is no small task and takes time.

Drainage of fats with lymphatic massage: 15 minutes.

The number of treatments is usually 4-6-8 times, which depends on our guest’s physique, thickness of the fat content of the skin bottom, connective tissue, degree of cellulite and health status. Considering these we offer for your personalized treatment plan during a FREE HEALTH CHECK.

Steps of the treatment

– Surfaces disinfection to be treated.
– Contact gel is applied to the area.
– We start the treatment by placing the treatment head to the body and by setting off the selected program. The treatment head is moved in circles on the surface.
– After treatment, the skin is cleaned.
– The process is completed by lymphatic massage to start the evacuation of waste products and circulation..


The following must be observed during and after the treatments:

Carbohydrate and sugar intake are prohibited after the treatment within 3 days.

Daily fluid intake of 3-4 liters is required during the whole cavitation treatment.
It is recommended to insert a movement of minimum 30 minutes into the daily program. This movement even can be some walk! In case of weight excess compliance with diet (Mediterranean diet) is required

All treatments are made by body zones. A body zone is treated during 20-30 minutes, followed by waste products drainage of 15 minutes.

Ultrasonic cavitation prices: