Under – after pregnancy

What treatments are recommended, or should be avoided during this period?

The “wait for baby” entails significant physical, emotional charges.

In early pregnancy, we find ourselves afflicted with fatigue and nausea. Hormonal changes affect the skin. Acne, comedones can develop. During this period, therefore, cleaning and moisturizing treatments are often needed. They don’t have any harmful effects on the baby. A facial massage can be beneficial to both of them since the mother feels well. The pregnant mother’s skin colour regains its normal tone by stimulating the blood circulation

Symptoms of seborrhoea aren’t common in the middle section, rather the skin becomes drier. Then moisturizing, nourishing face massages with a pampering facial treatment are recommended.

Recommended facials:

– Serenity Plus treatment

– Hydra flash deep treatment

– Image oxigen treatment

The altered state affects not only our skin, but also has a significant impact on our hair. Due to an increased sebum production the hair becomes greasier; we have to wash our hair repeatedly. Our hair loses its light. It is common during pregnancy hair dye doesn’t work the same way as before. The colour shade or its durability may vary.

It’s important to care of our hair with proper products at home also.


One of our constant topics of discussion is whether it’s allowed to dye out hair during this period or not. The current hair dyes have been withdrawn from toxic substances; even they include a lot of hair care materials. However, who have never tried to dye hair before, not to do it during pregnancy. To prevent possible allergic reactions.The same rules are valid concerning the eyelashes, eyebrows dying too. Who went to dye her hair before can safely continue it.

According to the reports, the condition of hair doesn’t change mostly during pregnancy, but during breastfeeding. During breastfeeding the new mother loses plenty of vitamins and minerals so her hair starts to fall out. This state, of course, will resolve at the end of breastfeeding period. Fossil farina and vitamin B complex according to a consultation with a doctor are recommended for hair loss.


The pregnant mothers’ biggest “bogeyman” are the stria = the stretch marks. Stretch marks occur due to overstretching of the skin. It’s true that they may usually show up during pregnancy but, they may also occur due to quick obesity. To prevent a high collagen, shea or cocoa butter creams are recommended, but I you have some, you can improve your state by Mesotherapy after pregnancy. In case of existing stretch marks, the most important factor is time. Fresh, red stretch marks are much more responsive to any treatment, cream. Bleached Stretch marks are almost impossible to improve.



Treatments not safe during pregnancy:

  • Any electro-cosmetic treatments /mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, IPL, cavitation, etc.

  • Body massage

  • Tanning, Direct sunbathing. Hormonal changes can also cause pigmented lesions; these can be permanent

  • liver spots when they are exposed to the sun.   Sun protection has a priority at this time!

  • Intimate resin

  • Don’t use strong acid-containing preparations. Most acne products contain salicylic acid, and even if we put it only on the skin, then rolling into the bloodstream it could harm the unborn baby.



 Home care:

– Facial care: Vitamin-rich cream for everyday use. Exfoliating once a week

– In order to prevent stretch marks a high content of A vitamin and collagen cream massage on tummy and chest area.

– Use of proper shampoo and conditioner.


After birth body shaping treatments:

Vakuum lipomassage

-Radio frequency

-Laser lipolysis