Wedding preparations

The wedding is one of the most superior events of our life.

We all await the moment when we – prepared in body and soul – say „I do!”.

Every bride wants to feel the most beautiful and best on that great day.

The Perényi Beauty Salon has prepared brides for nine years now. We have participated several photoshootings, exhibitions. The team consists of top hairstylists and make-up specialists. Highly qualified specialists fulfill your dreams. We also offer different spa treatments for the brides – who would like to become even more beautiful – and for the wedding guests as well, in the heart of Budapest, in the sixth district. Our Red Carpet treatments markedly ensure quick and spectacular results. Fulfilling all requirements we offer a wide variety of haircuts and buns from classic to modern style whether the bride’s hair is short or long, curly or straight. The team of the Perényi Beauty Salon even comes to place so that the bride can relax and enjoy that day. The travelling and traffic jam can not cause stress. The wedding memories last from waking-up through the whole life and that is why it is an honour to us to help on this extraordinary, important day!

Lay back and enjoy the wedding preparations and let the professionals do what they are best at: making you pretty! We offer you the perfect look for your dream wedding!


We consider the he hair and make-up rehearsal before the great day impoprtant. On this day we individually design the outfit the bride has dread about. We tune up to the bride’s personality and her requests. Our goal is to leave the groom breahless when he looks at his bride!

What the bride should bring with her:

  • she should choose a few pictures with bridal hairs which she likes

  • as far as she needs: hair accessories, flowers, hair extensions, tiara, veil

  • a picture of the dress


 Our cosmetical beautifying and figure-shapening treatments for the great day:

Even if the dear bride does not go to the cosmetitian regularly, it is worth to visit one who prepares the bride’s skin for the great day at least six months before the wedding, because this amount of time will actually be fully enough for us to take care of the eventually occuring problems like dryness or fat polsters. Not only the brides have to deal with this but also their mothers and the groom.

What belongs to a complete cosmetical wedding preparation?

– Hydrating face treatments according to skin condition

– Epilation

– Decorcosmetical processes

– Body treatments